Case study for the sales channel Mike In Colorado – Bitcoin Prix

I just finished creating a new funnel and I think it’s pretty awesome! So wonderful that I thought I was going to do a funnel case study and show you why it’s so cool!

Check it out.made-for-you-sales-funnel

Okay, honestly, I didn’t create the original funnel. I managed to copy the funnel from another user to my account, then I spent about 30 minutes making some changes to make it my own.

One of the great things about owning a BuilderAll business is that you can copy channels, consisting of multiple pages in your BuilderAll (BA) account, as long as the owner gives you the copy link. Then you just need to make a few changes to indicate links to your site. You can also customize it to make your own.

Another BA user created this funnel for her BulderAll business and allowed others to copy it.

The BA community of builders and business users are very generous with sharing their hard work to help others succeed.

Of course, all components of the site are part of BA. I’m sure it took the creator of this funnel some time to build it, but BuilderAll makes building funnels so easy than other site building tools I’ve used.

Here are some of the features of the site that I really like.

First of all, the home page with a lead magnet offers something of value to those who take action. Visitors are offered a high value holiday voucher.

The site asks « Where do you want to go? » and displays a series of places for which vouchers are awarded, using an automatic typing feature that attracts attention.

sale-funnel-case study

In addition, there is a call to action to « Watch this video! ».

Clicking the button brings up a video overlay that explains the business and how you make money. That business can help you earn money to spend on the vacation for which you can get a voucher.

If you visit some of the other pages on the site, you will notice that the page header and footer are consistent across all pages. With BuilderAll you can build a template that contains these components and can be applied to all pages or only to the pages you want to be applied to.

The main image on the page shows a lady relaxing in a swimming pool, which I think if everyone dreams of a relaxing holiday in a warm climate.


The « Click here to start » button takes you to the main capture page, where you can create a free BuilderAll account. This is actually a great thing.

This customizable form has been linked to the BuilderAll registration system, so your registration opportunities are automatically registered for a free BuilderAll account. You do not have to point them to a page created by BuilderAll to register them.


In order for the visitor to receive the holiday voucher, they must become a paying member with BuilderAll. Because they are already registered, it is very easy for them to upgrade.

Also, with BA when someone registers to BA through your link, you can automatically add them to your integrated BA autoreponder so you can follow them in person.

On the funnel content page there is a powerful call to action with a captivating arrow that directs the user to an « Upgrade to BuilderAll Business » button. This button takes the registered BA member to his office from where I can upgrade.

Copy sales-funnel

If they are not interested in BA, at least they can experience BuilderAll and see what it has to offer.

The last very nice feature is the « Get updates and notifications » button. This button displays a notification box to ask the visitor if they would like to be notified on their computer of BuilderAll updates (or any message you want to send).

sale-funnel update-notifications

If you enable notifications, you can send them messages from the back office. These notifications appear on their desktop, similar to what you see with Facebook notifications. This is another BuilderAll tool that you can use.

This is really a great funnel, and people are very successful with it. I encourage you to sign up for the funnel, if for no other reason than to find out what a successful sales funnel looks like.

You can have this funnel and use it to build a great home business with BuilderAll.

This is just a funnel you can access. BuilderAll offers a number of pre-built funnels, and other BA business manufacturers such as Shelly also offer excellent channels.

Start this sales funnel today and let me help you start building a long-term BuilderAll business!

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