High conversion sales funnel with crazy eggs

Crazy Egg ( provides an optimization tool for website owners to track the behavior and involvement of their visitors with web pages.

The implementation of strong sales channels as part of their marketing strategies has greatly contributed to the successful conversion of Crazy Egg’s sales and brand recognition in the market.

Their pages are full of comprehensive information to make people understand how their products work and benefit. Lots of social evidence, case studies and testimonials on their pages also help create a high profile of their brand.

Crazy Egg was founded by Nei Patel, a leading influencer in the digital marketing industry who has helped large companies such as Amazon, NBC, GM and Viacom grow their revenues.

Their website optimization tool helps businesses understand how their visitors interact with their website and why they are not converting into paying customers.

How the sales channel works

Crazy Egg has strategically placed pages on the sales funnel to allow their visitors to go from learning more about their products to purchasing and becoming customers.

Crazy egg

Their funnel is intelligently processed in these directions:

  • To make visitors more aware of their brand
  • To make them react and respond better
  • To lure them with an irresistible offer
  • To be able to recognize and anticipate their needs

Why Crazy Egg’s sales tunnel is changing so much

Crazy Egg puts their focus on customer behaviors, lead supply and keeping at every step of the process. This is the key to the great conversion of their sales funnel.

Brand knowledge

People will not buy if they do not understand or trust.

Crazy Egg intelligently uses all kinds of social evidence, references and written reviews as testimonials and case studies to gain the awareness and trust of their visitors about their products.

Testimonies with crazy eggs

Their pages show the logos of those large, high-profile companies they have worked with. There are testimonials from their satisfied clients and links on their blog to in-depth case studies.

This demonstrates well how their tools have been trusted and used by their clients to grow their business.

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Build your email list

Their pages use trust and compelling copy to attract people and get them to sign up in exchange for a free trial of their tool.

Crazy Egg - Call to Action

Building an email list is so important for any business to make marketing strategies by effectively tracking or retargeting subscribers to convert them.

Call to action

A call to action is a persuasion for the visitor to take some desired action.

Crazy Egg uses a clear and persuasive copy that causes visitors to send their email address in exchange for a free trial of their product.

Crazy Egg - Create email list

The design of their funnel is simple and has a point-by-point look, which makes it easy for their visitors to follow and digest.

When people know what to anticipate, they will respond better to your call.

High quality content

Crazy Egg offers comprehensive educational content on their blog and webinar for free video resources.

This is not only to generate interest and awareness of their brand among potential customers, but also to educate their readers on any topics relevant to their business and market.

Crazy Egg - High quality content

When customers cannot immediately see any obvious use case for their product, such an education helps them to realize that there is a problem that can be solved by their products.

Using high quality content and keywords contributes a lot to the high quality search results of their pages.

Content largely drives traffic to their relevant landing page and attracts their visitors to respond to their call to action.

If you struggle to make your sales funnel to convert the optimal amount of customers, Crazy Egg’s strong sales funnel would be an excellent sample as Iu you can track to optimize your sales funnel.

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