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Use these 21 free high-conversion sales channel templates as a launch pad to create a sales funnel that generates sales and sales opportunities for your company on autopilot 24/7.

Each sales channel template is instantly importable into ClickFunnels as a fully editable Sharefunnel.


Collection of 21 free high conversion sales channel templates

Lead generation channel templates

Home channel template

Homepage Funnel has the content of a traditional homepage website, but the goal is to guide the visitor into a funnel.

The purpose of the homepage is to increase brand awareness. Use the Home page to tell « your brand story. » Introduce the most popular products to invite visitors interested in the action.

Visitors can then choose to insert any funnel. Be sure to include a clear call-to-action button on your homepage.

Tunnel Heroes Template

A Hero Funnel shows you your personal brand, increases your email list and increases the number of followers on social networks.

Hero Funnel contains content from a traditional website homepage.

The goal is to raise awareness for your personal brand by telling you the « brand story ».

Introduce the most popular products to invite visitors interested in the action.

Visitors can then choose to insert any funnel. Be sure to include a clear call to action button on your page.

Tighten the page channel template

The purpose of a Squeeze Page channel is to receive email options. A squeeze page is considered a landing page. Use a curiosity-based main hook to create so much curiosity that people can’t resist opting. After I give you the email address, you give them the rest of the information.

The Squeeze page shakes them for more information. On the thank you page, deliver what you promised and then lead them to the next funnel.

Reverse pattern in pattern

When using a reverse squeeze page reversal channel, unlike a regular squeeze page reversal channel, don’t use curiosity to get people to sign up. Instead, first provide valuable content and then ask people to subscribe.

Teach them a concept they need to understand before they buy from you.

Registration fees will be lower, but the quality of advances will be higher. And they are much more likely to take action on the next page.

Reverse squeeze pages are best used when you have to sell, indoctrinate, or overcome objections.

Magnet channel template

Funnel Hacker’s cookbook

In a lead magnet channel, provide a valuable resource (the lead magnet) in exchange for an email address.

It could be an ebook, a coupon, a report, a training guide, a checklist or a case study.

Application channel template

In the application channel, the customer or client must submit an application before working with you. Use an application channel to qualify incoming customers or for high ticket offers. This type of funnel is frequently used in high quality coaching and consulting services.

Summit channel template

Summit mergers can help you add value, grow your email list, and build authority in your industry. You’ve set up a series of virtual interviews with industry experts. You let people sign up for free and increased registrations.

Test / survey query template

A survey channel has two purposes. The first is to engage your visitors more and get them to make micro-commitments. The second is to segment your visitors so that you can show them a different sales message, depending on who they are.

Ask a series of questions that help you identify and direct visitors to a page that sells to that audience segment.

Bridge funnel template

If your target market doesn’t know your brand or offer, you can use Bridge Funnel. With a Funnel Bridge, your goal is to « combine » the gap between your leader’s ideal result and your offer.

Please allow visitors to opt in using a squeeze page. Then, on the Bridge page, you explain who you are, what you do and how your offer will help them reach their ideal goal.

Physical products and templates for the ECommerce channel

Tripwire 2-step template

This funnel is also known as the supply channel.

This funnel uses a front ticket with small tickets (Loss Leader) to make an irresistible offer. The price of your item is as low as possible, usually at a « Free + Shipping » price.

When a customer makes the initial purchase, use Upsells and Downsells to increase the average order value.

You can hide the customer from offers with larger tickets on the thank you page and follow-up messages.

Your goal is to meet the advertising costs on the front end.

Daily business channel template

If you own a local business and wanted to run a Groupon or Living Social business? Now you can! No fees!

That’s what the Daily Deal Deal does! Get new customers at the door with an irresistible special offer.

You start with a two-step order page, where I receive the business. Then, on the next page, you encourage your customers to share the same business with their friends.

Presentation channel template

The pillar of the store is like an e-commerce website that has a list of your offers. But in a sales channel, when people click on an offer, they won’t go to the product description page. They will go into a sales funnel that actually sells for you.

Sales channel templates

Product launch template

Product launch funnel is a sales funnel that creates anticipation before the product is available for purchase.

Send small teasers to build hype for the launch day. On launch day, the « basket opens », and buyers can buy for a limited time.

You can announce the closing of the basket after a certain time.

This creates a sense of urgency to buy from customers.

This launch concept was pioneered by Jeff Walker and « helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch new companies overnight. » // Funnelhackers cookbook //

The product launch mix can be compared to the sales process in crowdfunding markets such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Sales Letter Scanner Template

The sales letter funnel uses a long text sales letter to sell. Sell ​​your entry point first, then include Upsells and Downsells to maximize your profit.

« Sales letters are still one of the best ways to convert visitors into buyers. Most people thought that the video would remove the text sales letters. However, the opposite was true. Sales letters often turn out better than videos because there are so few people who still use them. « // Russell Brunson – The Funnel Hacker Cookbook //

Video sales letter template

Video sales letter mixes just like sales letter cannon texts, but use a video presentation to sell.

Sell ​​your entry point first, then include Upsells and Downsells to maximize your profit.

Live Demon Template

A live demo channel allows you to sell by hosting a live demo. You can answer questions live and show how your product works and what it will do for them. This will help you create desire and demand for your brand.

You can also use a live demo channel for weekly live shows and product education for your audience.

Membership channel template

A subscription channel allows you to host and sell access to your private site so that you can be paid on a recurring basis.

The essential function of a membership site is to restrict access. Your users need an account to access it, so it’s not publicly available. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may choose to charge a one-time fee, a recurring fee.

Invisible channel template

An invisible tunnel works through a video training that is free to participate and load its customers only if they liked what they received.

Offer Upsells and Downsells to increase the average order value with additional offers on the thank you page.

Cancel channel template

The cancellation tunnel is used when a customer tries to return or cancel a service. Use a survey page to understand why they are canceled, try to fix it, and save the sale.

Webinar channel templates

Live channel web template

A live webinar allows you to grow your email list and sell high-ticket products.

Because presentations usually last an hour or more, this gives you more time to overcome your objections than a short sales letter.

Webinar channels are suitable for selling offers between 497 and 2,997 USD.

Webinar channels are an « event » and are divided into two phases:

First, people register for the webinar on the registration page. Then they are taken to a confirmation page where they can see the information about the event.

There are links sent by e-mail to the indoctrination pages, where you can get them excited about the training.

Second, visitors participate in the live webinar and display the clocks, while the shopping window begins to close, creating real shortage and urgency.

After their presentation time has passed, they are then emailed links to a rendering room, where they have one last chance to watch the webinar.

Seminar template for automated webinars

An Eunngreen Webinar The Eunngreen Webinar is the same as a live webinar channel, except the presentation is not live … it’s a recording.

After perfecting the live presentation …

You can have the highest conversion presentation by playing the 24/7 sale on demand.


There you have it, 21 free high conversion sales channel templates to launch a sales funnel that generates sales and sales opportunities for your company on autopilot 24/7.

If you want to launch a sales funnel that generates opportunities and sales for you in a 24/7 autopilot, grab your free sales resources to get started!

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