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Managing and presenting the sales process clearly can be complicated and you can make a mess on a slide if you use a lot of text. Here are some ideas on how to present this process with creative sales funnel charts.

To ensure that the entire team is constantly working on your marketing and sales goals, it is important that you thoroughly explain all stages of the customer marketing and travel process. You should be laconic and creative enough. The sales funnel is an easy way to see all the steps your customers are taking – from realizing they need your product to the final purchase. The pipeline is the key to measuring, managing and forecasting sales quotas. Thanks to the funnel, you can easily illustrate the conversion from an advance to the customer.

Note: You can get all the slide templates presented from Sales PowerPoint Collection.

The sales funnel diagram was created to separate customers into groups and find a specific way to work with each of them. Thanks to this layout, your team will see the complex sales process that can help you avoid wasting time or extra work. Adding visual sales pipeline charts to your presentation will help put the point over the subject while making him look professional.

5 common types of sales channel

In this blog, we present the following types of sales channel that we have frequently experienced in various presentations: from Business to Business (B2B) sales funnel – representation of the customer’s journey, idea of ​​viewing the creative marketing funnel, for to lead education in optimizing e-commerce conversions. funnel.

Of course, your choice to choose the special pipe depends on the sales model of your company. Below are some variants of the funnel that can be adapted to the specifics of your business.

Above you can see the example of the B2B sales funnel illustrated in 5 basic steps. This diagram can be useful to formalize a B2B sales process and to complete the sales activity.

Adding this modern flat design layout to the presentation will help list the channels you work with or should focus on.

Here is a similar example of a three-tier sales funnel chart. Adding a streamlined sales pipeline can help you make slides that aren’t too crowded with too much content.

Thanks to hand-drawn arrows and scribble icons, the slide show will focus the reader’s attention on the flow and stages. In addition, the slide will make you more personal and original.

We also created four levels of the vertical sales funnel diagram with scribble filling. This hand-drawn structure helps to explain each stage of the sales process: prospecting, increasing lead activity, sales and keeping the customer informal. Thanks to visually accentuated sales stages, your presentation will stand out from other formal slides. This can be especially useful at conferences if you want to be different from others.

This example of a horizontal sales funnel illustrating e-commerce conversion optimization is the next creative aspect. You can use it to show the journey of online customers and your products:

  • from the lead magnet (maybe an e-book or a freebie report)
  • tripwire – a low cost product from 1 to 10 USD to receive the first paying customers
  • core value product – the main mass sales product that generates the highest number of sales. The cost of the product may vary depending on your business, but can range from $ 10 to $ 500
  • premium product – the most expensive product for the best fan customers who can afford. The price starts at 1000 USD and is not for every pocket.

This simple infographic with a flat source will help you create a slide specific to the sales process. Using this, you can view target prospects and view financial data associated with each stage of the sale.

Above you can find another chart of the sales funnel with vertical lead evolution. This drawing uses a metaphor for balls falling into the funnel.

The diagram presented will help you show the transformation from the new lead to the purchase of products. This layout is intended to make your presentation more visual, to avoid extra text and sterility on a blade.

Get inspired and consider using one of these examples of sales pipeline charts: vertical B2B sales funnels, hand-drawn scripble pipes, vertical e-commerce conversion optimization, or sales evolution funnel drop ball.

To help you impress your audience, we’ve designed a PowerPoint template that you can reuse to manage your sales process.

Why use pre-designed charts for the sales channel? The combined PPT infoDiagram sales collection will help you turn your difficult-to-understand presentation into a creative and effective one. The diagram helps to illustrate the linear advances from the top to the bottom of the funnel. Thanks to vivid graphics, you can easily show your sales process to your team and go through all the steps to help you the best.

You can easily copy the particular look and use it immediately in your presentation.

What’s inside the PPT sales channel collection

The deck consists of pre-designed infographic shapes for displaying various sales processes on a slide. The collection of sales funnels is especially suitable for marketing and business development presentations.

We also prepared the set of flat icons for infographics: businessman, man, factory, book, diamond, thumbs up, market, shopping. The diagram also includes a set of scribble symbols. All forms intended to present to participants in the sales and sales process: globe, target, development, man, shopping, retention, user, meeting, buyer.

Sales channel slide set contains:

  • Three-level funnel with scribble icons
  • Four-level scripble funnel with scribble illustration
  • E-commerce conversion optimization funnel
  • Sales person and funnel. Personal sales profile
  • Lead evolution funnel
  • Selling leads, customers, customers
  • Digital marketing funnel with a lead magnet, tripwire, up-sell

You can download all the above examples directly here:

Sales channel charts

If you want to get more infographic slides, check out this PPT chart graphics package with over 200 slides.

To see sales funnel charts in action, check out these simple steps to design an attractive sales presentation (follow our slideshow for more creative ideas 🙂):

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