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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably heard about the power of the sales funnel.

For businesses with faith and value-based delivery of quality products and services, a sales funnel can prove to be the next level of growth. They are not for the faint of heart, but they can raise your ticket sales to epic levels.

Do you want to see proof? We just like a good success story at WP Elevation, so we introduce it to some of our high ticket sales students.

We wanted to know what results they saw and what they can attribute to the implementation of our ticket funnel strategy.

I had a discussion with the wonderful Jennie Lakenan, web consultant for life coaches about an extraordinary success …

A little about Jennie …

Do you know life coaches who need a highly successful website? Jennie Lakenan is the person to do that. Jennie’s mission is to help life coaches create websites that fit the caliber of their coaches.

« My niche is the coaches of the School of Life, » says Jennie. « LCS is a premium coaching training. Coaches receive extensive training on how to train, but also on how to be an online entrepreneur. It’s pretty strong.

Jennie completed the high ticket sales course with WP Elevation and not only was she able to accelerate her own business, but she was also able to build funnels for her customers to help them take their business to the next level.

Here’s how Jennie implemented everything she learned during High Ticket sales, built a funnel for a customer who then experienced significant growth in her business … and fast!

We will call this client « Jane », who is a coach for weight loss:

Setting the objectives of the sales funnel

As a weight loss coach, Jane does get into the struggles people go through when trying to lose weight. As she says, the answers are not in the body, but in the brain.

Certainly, there are a lot of requests for the type of service that Jane offers, it is a matter of marketing well through her website and other channels through which she can connect with the target audience.

When Jennie sat down with Jane, she was already enjoying a growing customer base, but Jane wanted to raise it more. It has set a goal of $ 100 million in revenue by the end of 2019.

This is smart – and we mean SMART. When setting goals for sales funnels or whatever, SMART goals help you stay focused and on track. They are « specific », « measurable », « achievable », « relevant » and « time-limited ». The goal of « I will achieve revenues of $ 100 million by the end of 2019 » meets all these criteria.

We recommend that your sales funnel always start with clear and SMART goals. This will help you « work back » from the end result. It is often easier to imagine a sales funnel working like this – from what step do they reach the goal result? And so on…

Define your target audience

Another very important factor before building a new sales funnel is the clear definition of your target audience. If you don’t have this specified, it would be like trying to navigate without a GPS or compass. How will you know where to find people or what will attract them?

Jane’s target audience is defined as women who want to lose weight for the last time, says Jennie. « They are sick and tired of dieting. »

As for where to find that target audience, Jane had a future opportunity for which they wanted to prepare a sales funnel. « She had the opportunity to be on a very popular podcast as an interviewed guest, » says Jennie. « So we built this funnel in preparation for this opportunity, every page and every word was targeted to attract that audience. »

Jane was selling a six-month weight loss training program. The investment for the program was $ 5 million and will be limited to ten points. Jane and the podcast host sold this program as a call to action in the podcast episode.

So Jane was definitely selling what we would call a « big ticket » service.

Building a sales funnel really helps sell these high ticket items because it will lead the potential customer on a trustworthy journey with you.. Most people don’t click « buy now » on something they consider expensive, they want a little more information and make sure they buy quality.

Remember from a previous post of ours, a large ticket sales funnel is a system that:

  • Attract better quality products to your high ticket product.
  • Helps leads to qualify in advance.
  • Establish a firm foundation of trust before talking to them.
  • He moves them quickly through sales.

The funnel stages

The main page was the URL provided on the podcast, for simplicity and from there, the funnel steps were as follows:

1.) Video

From the main page, visitors could sign up to watch a video on how to lose the first five pounds and move on. It is a piece of content designed to give value to the viewer and to gain trust, but to still let them want more in the end.

2.) Qualify the perspective

After watching the free video, the next step was to invite potentials check to see if she qualifies for Jane’s program.

One of the characteristics of large ticket sales channels is that you want to be selective about who you take into the program, product, or service you sell. Not everyone will be a good fit, so this qualification process is a good step to avoid wasting time for both the client and the business.

3.) Divide the perspectives

In the next step, the perspectives in the funnel were divided.

If they meet the criteria they will be asked to schedule a free consultation. Once scheduled, Janedwould sent a video preparing them for their programming. This is a great way to make sure people are prepared if you offer a consultation. It also tends to help people feel a little more confident when they know what to expect. He also sent homework to keep them engaged until the call (a quick PDF to help them visualize « my future »).

If they do not meet the criteria, have been directed to a page to let them know that they may not be the most appropriate. However, their journey was not to end. If they thought the result was a mistake, there was an option to contact Jane directly and let them know why they would be suitable. Otherwise, there was a free offer of a video about weight loss, so you don’t feel like you’ve gone through the process in vain.

The results of the sales funnel

How well did the sales funnel work?

Jane has had 45 applications for the program within 24 hours of launching the podcast. She scheduled 84 sales calls in 4 days.

Sounds huge, right ?!

So much so that she, on the advice of her mentor (host of the podcast), decided to offer the group primarily for those who have scheduled sales calls.

Wow! How did they make this work? « We quickly created a sales and payment page to make this easier. She sent the page in an e-mail with the announcement of the first income « , says Jennie. « The ten places for the program were filled in two hours. That means $ 50 generated for her through the funnel in four days! « 

How about that $ 100 goal? It is fair to say that Jane destroyed it, remaining a quarter of a year. Since then, she has continued to make sales calls and tread the popularity of podcasts and opened and completed a second group program. Looks like Jane is in the middle of a third group as we speak – $ 125 million in total!

Final thoughts and lessons

Jennie explained that the funnel built for Jane played a key role in helping the hot lead recognize the value of her program.

So what advice would Jennie give to other business owners?

I would just say that faith must come first. Jane trusted me and thought this strategy would work. I believed and trusted that he would make $ 50 million from this strategy. This faith affected everything we did in realizing it. And look at the results!

And, of course, join the ticket sales course, as Jennie did, so that you too can help business owners just like Jane!

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