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Converting Facebook users to loyal customers requires more work than your average online shopper, who is already searching the Internet with the intention of purchasing a product or service.

When people connect to their Facebook profiles, their goal is to socialize with family friends. He’s not hoping to get his credit cards out. For this reason, a sales funnel on Facebook is absolutely essential for your business advertising plan!

My Facebook sales funnel is what helped me become a multi-million dollar business owner and all it takes is the right strategy.

This post will guide you through the steps to creating the perfect sales funnel, especially for your Facebook platform, so you can increase sales and overall growth for your company.

1. Be patient with the platform

When creating your Facebook advertising campaign, you need to stand out as a Facebook user.

Because their original intent is to socialize, rather than buy, your ads need to raise awareness and send a strong message to consumers about why your product can be useful to them, without coming as much. seller.

Be patient at the top of your sales funnel, especially on Facebook, this is how you will create conversions at the bottom.

2. Start your channel with solid content

The top of your Facebook sales funnel will rely heavily on solid content.

Use Facebook ads to target those Facebook users who aren’t ready to buy. Slowly stop these viewers from realizing why your brand product or service can benefit them.

This can trigger them to click on your page, even if it doesn’t result in a purchase.

This is the goal of a sales funnel – to do things in small steps, as opposed to big steps.

3. Target personalized and similar audiences on Facebook

In the middle of your sales funnel, you can use Facebook advertising settings to target your audience with both custom and similar settings.

With custom settings, you can add the exact audience you think the brand will be interested in. Facebook will choose a similar audience based on the personalized audience you have selected. This similar audience will be an audience with closely related interests, who may also be interested in your message.

This is the part of the sales funnel where you will start attracting and building a potential customer base.

4. Add Facebook Pixel

It is essential to add the Facebook Pixel feature to your site!

This feature tracks anyone on Facebook who visits your site; this way, you can remarket to these visitors later.

5. Build trust

The last and most important part of your Facebook sales funnel is building trust with converted customers.

This will allow payers to return, leave good reviews, and convert more sales for your company in the future.

The power of Facebook is in the people!

Facebook makes « spreading the word » happen at the speed of light. If you make a good impression on the people you serve, they will do the work for you, distributing the product and service to everyone you know.

6. Use tunnels throughout the company

Facebook is not the only place you should use a sales funnel, of course!

The whole company should revolve around a sales funnel like mine does. I didn’t just rely on Facebook to create exponential growth in my business. I spread my marketing strategy all over the internet.

Take these Facebook sales funnel strategies and apply them to all your digital platforms. The growth you see will be huge.

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