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Our job as a marketer is to arrange for potential customers versus an offer. This path taken by potential customers was intellectual by a concept: funnel marketing, or conversion tunnel. Different methodologies have emerged over the years, but they have recovered on one point: the closer we get to the sale, the more screening is done and the contact name decreases. To the marketer to analyze this process and of optimize. In this article, we will see the different methodologies: their commonalities and their differentrences.

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What is a B2B marketing funnel?

The marketing of the funnel consists in decorating the different phases of a customer’s purchasing process. I share from the simple visitor to the qualified prospect ready to buy. The French translation is « marketing funnel », or conversion funnel.

There are several types of funnel marketing for different pension channels. They recover all but do not use the same terms. Here is a little guide to see it more clearly.

A. The internal marketing funnel

Highly targeted « content marketing » is a goal of caliber on each phase of the right content in order to convince the prospect of the other product.

Le funnel d’inbound marketing is divided into 4 stages:

  • Attraction / Attractor : bring visitors to its website. This is to maximize traffic.
  • Convert / convert : Retrieve the contact details of a maximum of visitors. it is about increasing the number of contacts and perspectives.
  • Close / Sell : signer a maximum of customers.
  • Delight / Wizard : build customer loyalty and turn them into ambassadors.

funnelmarketingB. « AARRR » marketing funnel

Also called a « technical hacker », ketone conversion marketing is very popular with startups. It is specific to SaaS or freemium tools as it incorporates an intermediate loyalty step BEFORE monetization step.

Le funnel marketing AARRR is divided into 5 stages:

  • Acquisition : site traffic.
  • Enable : inscriptions have produced.
  • Retention / Loyalty : active users of the product.
  • Income / Monetization : customers.
  • Recommendation / References : customers transformed into product promotion.

AARRR Marketing Funnel for all B2B startups

C. “TOFU / MOFU / BOFU” funnel marketing

This method has the merit of also being used by commercials. Elle is therefore ideal for making you better understand between marketing services and commercial services for users of indicators that are shared between channel marketing and commercial conversion.

Le funnel marketing is divided into 3 stages:

  • TOFU / The upper part of the funnel : it contains all the acquisition acquisition of traffic and contacts.
  • MOFU / middle of the funnel: It contains the whole part of lead nourishing, breeding contacts in hot prospects.
  • BOFU / Bottom of the funnel: I continued the final phase. This is the transition to commercials.

TOFU / MOFU / BOFU B2B Marketing Funnel

C. The « purchase tunnel » conversion funnel

It is a place where the conversion is a bit more classic and used as either type of business, in B2C as in B2B. It is a legislation to be clear and based on marketers, their intentions and needs.

  • Awareness / Discoveries: the person discovers our company or products.
  • Interest / Interest: we arouse the interest of our target marketing by making them aware of a need, a problem.
  • Consideration / consideration : The prospect considers our offer as a possible answer to his problem.
  • Intention / intention: The prospect decides to pay for the solution: there is a notion of project and budget.
  • Evaluation / evaluation: the prospect will look for alternatives and will compare. This phase is multiplied tenfold with the Internet.
  • Buy / Buy: the prospect purchases a solution.

Marketing funnel representing the purchase tunnel

C. The conversion funnel for marketing / comerț alignment

Depending on our career path, our readings or our tools used, the nomenclature used will differ. The city of classification of generic contacts for marketing allows to have a common nomenclature for the analysis of tunnel of conversion:

  • Guest: unidentified person visiting our website.
  • Suspect / lead: The person identified in marketing, but is not able to enjoy the information and relevance of contact.
  • Prospectus / MQL (Qualified Marketing Lead) : the company is our target and has shown interest in our offer.
  • SQL (Qualified Lead for Sales): The prospect has a project, a budget, a solution implementation date and the decision makers are well identified.
  • Opportunity: a concept has been sent and the company is in the decision phase between several providers / products.
  • Client: the prospect paid an invoice.

Funnel Marketing with classification according to the customer's acquisition phase

Do you comment on the use of le funnel marketing?

The maintenance that allowed us to different types of conversion in terms of marker layout, we have no choice but to choose and use the mode of operation.

A. Create dashboards

Define a marketing channel and allow you to create your own marketing agreement tables and have a qualitative view of marketing genre contacts. Tracking conversion rates throughout the account allows analysis of the completion of each of our actions.

B. Purchasing customer’s computer

Calculating the cost of customer acquisition is very difficult, even with all the digital tools at our disposal. Decouper nos calcule par faz du marketing de funnel Allows you to complete the stage steps and then define the value of each stage. Thus, the sosirea expect that a visitor is worth € 1 for example. Ideal for encouraging teams!

C. Créer son plans editorial

To recover in inbound marketing, it is necessary to have content for each stage of marketing the funnel. Divartir ses contenus sur l’entonnoir thus allows the definition of the sound planning of the blueprint writing to cover the intellectuality of the conversion duel.

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Le funnel marketing is extremely indispensable for any marketer wishing to be effective in a marketing and content creation strategy. There is also information on statistical actions for actions. The real issue remains in the end the choice of methodology! …

By the way, can you tell us in the commentary of this article which methodology you have chosen?

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