Ninja Design – Graphics, sales pages and channel designs – Bitcoin Prix

Before I started working with Victoria, my web pages and drawings looked boring. I had text walls with just the occasional image – hard to read and not great for making sales. I was doing my own projects and I wasn’t doing well.

I had never hired a designer before and I had no idea what to look for. I had very bad experiences with graphic designers and other jobs on Fiverr and other sites.

The sales page he put together for me was great! Was much more colorful, dynamic and interesting than anything I would have been able to do on my own and communicated and connected nicely with my target audience.

I had the most 25% conversion on that page! And oh, the result was wonderful! It made me jump up and down. Thanks to my help, I was able to do it OVER 40K USD with that sales page!

I highly recommend Victoria to anyone looking for a well-designed page or graphic at a very reasonable price! It is a pleasure to work with, it delivers even faster than it promises, and it offers great work, so you’ll miss it if you don’t hire it. Thanks, Vicky !!

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