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(= deed of sale) vente f
new laws to control the sale of weapons new laws to control arms sales
for sale sell
The factory is for sale. The factory is for sale.
« for sale » (on sign)
« sell »
to put sth up for sale pune qch for sale
→ The owners put the business up for sale.
→ They decided to put their house up for sale and emigrate.
for sale for sale
on sale or return VENDU (E) with faculty of return
→ The goods can be supplied on the basis of sale or return.

(at reduced prices)
soldes MPL
→ … January sales.
There is a sale at Harrods. These are the sales at Harrods.

closing sale

(= Occasion) vente f
→ … a quarterly sale of cattle.
a sale of antiques an antique sale


(= quantity sold) Ventes FPL
→ Car sales fell by 5% compared to a year ago.
→ Sales look very healthy this quarter.
Book sales have risen. Book sales have increased.

(= Jobs) vente f
(= part of the activity)
Ventes FPL
He works in sales. She works in sales.
This is our head of sales. I introduce you to our sales manager.

[brochure, literature]
[forecast, projection]
for sale
[agreement, contract]
for sale
[division, section, manager]

sales call

sales executive

after-sales service
n service m après-vente

January sales
NPL soldes MPL from January
→ looking for bargains in January sales

July sales
July sales July balances

off sale
n (British) (= Store) Magasin m of wines and spirits

sales assistant . (British) seller (US)
n vendeur (-Euse) m / f
She’s a sales assistant. She is a saleswoman.

sales call
n appel m prospecting (commercial)
→ People get annoyed by unsolicited sales calls.

n (US)
sales assistant

sales conference
n reunion f for sale

Sales department
n service m sales

sales executive
n Directeur (Trichloro) m / f commercial (E)

sales unit
n campagne f commercial, animation f sales

sales executive
n Directeur (Trichloro) m / f sales
→ We are looking to recruit an IT sales executive.

sales figures
NPL Chiffre m sales

sales force
n force f for sale

sales manager
n Directeur (Trichloro) m / f commercial (E)

sales pitch
His sales market was compelling. It is a very well sold product.

sales representative
n commercial (E) m / f

sales revenue
n revenus MPL sales

slipping sales
n (= Receive) ticket m of cash

sales target
n Objectif m for sale

sales tax
n (US) taxes f to purchase

sales volume
n volume m sales

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