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Registered for sale in French, it puts into operation the sales constituted within the set of shares mentioned in the enterprises in order to convert

The 6 steps of the purchasing process

Name sources that describe the consumer purchasing process based on 4 floors:

  • Awareness of a problem
  • interet
  • Decision
  • Action

His dependent business son is analyzed in consideration of the customer’s purchase process in the digitization section of rather have the following model:

  • Awareness of the problem : The consumer has an XYZ problem, and wants to fix it.
  • Search information : he is looking for information on ways to solve his problem.
  • Search for alternatives : after finding solution tracks, the effects of new searches to detect better solutions are avoided.
  • Purchase decision : he evaluates the pros and cons, and decides to buy or not to buy, or to buy ABC or XYZ.
  • A discussion : the fateful moment.
  • Evaluate after purchase : it is important to try the customer experience after the purchase, to lay the groundwork for loyalty-based premiums and see that a customer is not dissatisfied to request a refund, or post a negative comment somewhere on the Internet.

A guide is soon to be made public about dirty funnels

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