Used grooved bread concession trailer for sale with two toasters – Bitcoin Prix

This concession trailer is ready to operate and serve immediately at events. We are retiring for health reasons. The unit has two deep toasters and two Double Bunn Slush machines. There are retention tanks, a hot water heating space, cold storage tank with pump and an electrical outlet on the tongue, propane tanks ANS 4 as shown. We’re near Keysville, VA. This unit is also equipped with a refrigerator and a cash register.

Bread cake

As you probably already know, the funnel cake is a popular, high-margin item no matter where you live in the United States. If you are looking for something unique, there are all sorts of ways to serve funnel cakes, including pancakes, so you have options to serve options for breakfast or dessert. You can also serve a turn on the elephant’s ears. Only your imagination limits the options available for sale.

Of course, deep-fried on-board toasters can serve all sorts of popular popular foods, including fried twinkies, sour cream, corn dogs, fish, french fries and egg rolls to name a few.

Slush cars

Slush cars are also major income opportunities for this unit. You can easily sell a cup of delicious slush for $ 3-4 per cup, depending on the event. These menu items, including a spoon, cup and napkin, will not cost your operator more than .75 cents. This leaves an incredible profit channel for the unit and also provides the opportunity to partner in partnerships and fundraisers with local non-profit organizations, clubs and sports teams.

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