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Chances are, you already know what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel, also called a « sales process », represents the entire journey of customers. It would help to imagine a typical funnel when talking about a sales funnel:

source: mailmunch.co

In a sales funnel, a person starts as a visitor at the top of the funnel. After going through a series of interactions with you, he gets to the bottom of your funnel – and becomes a real customer.

Here is an additional explanation of the three parts of the funnel …

  • Top of the channel (TOFU) – This stage of the funnel is the first meeting of people with your brand. Simply search for information online until they develop awareness of the site’s content, social posting or guest posting.
  • Channel medium (MOFU) – Here, try to warm your prospects. You will want to enter the value of your product or service by offering free e-books, case studies and sending them emails.
  • Bottom of the channel (BOFU) – This is the last stage in which a purchase is made. For prospects to turn into customers, you need to show them content that closes the business. These can be webinars, training videos and even more specific offers.

What is channel mapping and why is it important?

You can assume that a sales funnel has a linear path based on the sales funnel diagram, as shown above.

In reality, the modern funnel is not so simple.

consumers are bombed with information. When people come across your product, they may try to look for other options.

Sometimes it takes weeks and even months until people can return to your funnel and convert. People tend to check what other sites in your niche offer. Because things can get pretty messy over time, it would be helpful to identify your sales funnel.

Channel mapping create a chart or visual representation of your sales funnel. This visual model presents everything in your marketing process – traffic sources, stages of your funnel, customer contact points, landing pages and more.

You need a tool to help you easily identify your sales funnel. Channel mapping tools come in handy because of their benefits:

  • Allows you to make changes to your sales funnel by adding or removing components.
  • If you work with a team, you can share charts to keep everyone on board.
  • Team members can actively contribute to the development of the funnel.
  • Avoid moving the chart (because you wrote on paper).
  • Introduce your customers to a professional sales funnel model and explain it to them.
  • Keep funnel ideas organized and systematic.

10 Channel mapping tools that you should consider

1. MindMeister

Mindmeister allows you to create mind maps for anything. If your current marketing funnel has many moving parts, this tool will organize your ideas.

Why you will love her:

  • Ready and customizable templates
  • Build a sales funnel from scratch
  • Choose from unique shapes, colors and fonts
  • Upload your own images
  • Collaborate with your entire team
  • Leave comments
  • Distribute your sales funnel to your social platforms

Free version: Yes

2. Funnelytics.io

Funnelytics is the right solution if you want to make a book faster and more efficient. This tool eliminates what a marketer would consider a problem: deciding which shapes, colors, and labels best represent the funnel parts for sale.

Why you will love her:

  • Icons specific to traffic sources, pages and offline channels
  • A vault containing free templates for inspiration
  • Premium templates are modeled after successful campaigns
  • Share the funnel with your audience

Free version: Yes

3. Google drawings

Google Drawings is Google’s chart software. It is the most basic way to start for free when you make a sales funnel. You’ll be able to perform simple functions, such as choosing shapes, colors, and arrows, and adding text.

Why you will love her:

  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Leave comments
  • Upload your own images
  • Add links to additional sections for more information.
  • Share the funnel with your audience

Free version: Yes

4. Sketchfunnels.io

Sketchfunnels.io is a web-based software that allows you to instantly sketch channels with drag and drop functionality. There are a lot of options to choose from to present your sales funnel as beautifully as possible.

Why you will love her:

  • Landing page, sales page, order page, webinar, launch page, affiliate page, traffic source, and tracking specific icons
  • Create templates that you can reuse in the future
  • Resize, add text, and drag the icon
  • Export your sketches
  • Share your sketches with another Sketchfunnels.io member

Free version: Yes

5. Lucidchart

Lucidchart is for the trader who is fine with a funnel mapping tool that has standard shapes, lines and labels. But what makes Lucidchart stand out is that it is collaborative and has many integrations.

Why you will love her:

  • Add links to additional sections with additional information.
  • Protect your charts with a password
  • Export sales channels
  • Integrations with top applications (Dropbox, Slack, Amazon Web Services, etc.)
  • Simple interface
  • Check for spelling errors

Free version: Yes

6. Channel flows

Funnel Flows is a tool dedicated to creating sales funnels. Whether you present the funnels to your team or customers, this tool assures you that your sketches will look professional and personalized. It is very intuitive and friendly even for first time users.

Why you will love her:

  • Specific icons for traffic sources, landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages, order pages and more.
  • Basic and advanced forms
  • Add links to additional sections with additional information
  • Upload Images
  • Choose very specific colors for your shapes, text and background
  • New items have been added

Free version: Yes

7. Sketchboard.io

Sketchboard.io is a diagramming tool designed for teams. Its sketchy icons, which add flair to your work, are sure to catch your eye. Your team can identify the exact funnel based on their ideas – thanks to the versatility of this tool.

Why you will love her:

  • Over 400 sketch shapes to choose from
  • View the team members’ sketch in real time
  • Leave comments
  • Daily backups
  • Create multiple boards
  • It integrates with Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, HipChat and Flowdock
  • Manual drawing

Free version: Yes

8. Christian

Creative is a good alternative to Microsoft Visio if you want an affordable app to highlight your sales funnel. Well-known Creately users include PayPal, National Geographic and Adobe.

Why you will love her:

  • Thousands of templates
  • Allows team collaboration
  • Draw shapes and connect lines faster
  • Custom themes and colors
  • View the history of all changes
  • Manage and access your sketches on a mobile device
  • Work offline

Free version: Yes

9. AWW application

AWW App is an online whiteboard tool that combines simplicity and functionality. At first glance, your impression would be that the AWWW App is far too basic. This board actually allows for sharing and teamwork.

Why you will love her:

  • No registration required
  • Touch-friendly
  • Upload images, PDF and PPT
  • Talk to collaborators
  • Use keyboard shortcuts

Free version: Yes

10. Cocoa

Caccoo is another great alternative to Visio. As an online chart maker, it allows you to create, save, and share charts on the go. Caccoo has so many templates that it would be impossible for you not to create the perfect sales funnel for your goals and audience.

Why you will love her:

  • Share and collaborate with your team and customers
  • View revision history
  • Export your diagrams – SVG, PDF, PPT, PostScript, PNG
  • Check activity notifications
  • More shapes, lines, colors and objects
  • Leave comments

Free version: Yes

11. Geru

Do you have a campaign in mind and want to see its potential traffic, profit, and conversion rate? Geru is one, because it not only allows you to map your channels, but also calculates the numbers in your funnels.

Why you will love her:

  • Generate reports for personal use or to show to customers
  • Calculate anything – cost per click, cost of living and more
  • With over 30 funnel plans for sale
  • Complete video tutorials for beginners
  • Drag and drop function
  • Brandable – you can add your logo.

Free version: None

Final thoughts

Have you already noticed the sales funnel? By now, you understand how important your first point of contact is for the customer.

If you are trying to explore the best ways to make this first meeting, one of them is to organize a social media contest.

UpViral, our viral marketing platform, helps you launch a successful contest from start to finish. With UpViral, you can:

  • Create a contest landing page
  • Present excellent incentives or rewards
  • Landing pages for split tests
  • Attract more participants through a unique invitation link
  • Send subsequent emails to contest participants

When you’re finally ready to set up your sales funnel, don’t miss any of these 10 tools. Let me know your thoughts if you used any or recommend anything else! 🙂

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