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Mobile applications

Whether you’re using CRM software, a POS application, or a social networking site, there are a variety of platforms that help you identify new perspectives and stimulate your the company’s overall retention rates.

Seven FounderSociety (FS) entrepreneurs share mobile applications they have had the greatest success when it comes to leadership sales.

Q. What is it your favorite mobile application for sales and why?

1. Twitter

Ryan OConnellTwitter is the best platform to get a boost on personalities from your sales perspectives. It’s also an effective way to start value-based conversations. –Ryan O’Connell, Launch KC

2. Pipedrive

German KatrinaI’ve been using Pipedrive for a few months now and it’s one of the best CRMs I’ve ever used. It is easy to organize your contacts and keep them moving your transaction flow –German Katrina, A story

3. Shopify POS application

Jaime DerringerWe use Shopify to feed our online store, and their simple application makes it so easy to manage inventory and check reports on the go. Shopify POS allows you to take orders from anywhere, so you can always sell the product, no matter where you are. –Jaime Derringer, Design milk

4. contact

Jules TaggartThere are many CRM programs out there, but Contactually it is my ideal resource. One thing I found with other CRM programs is that they felt very rigid and structured – the customer felt like a funnel. What I like about Contactally is that it does that sales The process feels intimate and personalized for the customer, even if the things behind the scenes run like a well-oiled car. –Jules Taggart, Marketing Strategy Jules Taggart

5. Amazon’s shopping app

 The Amazon.com shopping app can be used not only to order products, but also to study the competition and the market around you. With the Amazon app, you can see movements in what’s hot, trends in different niche markets and read the latest comments, reviews and ratings from real customers. –Zac Johnson, How to start a blog

6. HubSpot Sidekick

Jason FischHubSpot is already an excellent CRM product; however, adding Sidekick allows you to see when a potential customer opens an email. This is huge to allow you to contact a lead when looking active sales real-time emails. –Jason Fisch, Fisch Solutions, INC

7. Basic CRM

Antonio CalabreseBase CRM is a free application that allows you to manage efficiently your customers, customers, sales funnel, telephones and more. It is an extremely powerful tool that helps to make it more efficient sales trial. –Antonio Calabrese, Boonle

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