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The confluence of sales and marketing continues to emerge on a daily basis as companies work to integrate the two. There remain strong similarities between the marketing and sales funnel and the general functions of each. Companies spend billions of dollars on marketing tools to help integrate sales and marketing functions, while improving companies’ ability to communicate with potentials. Many of these tools extend to the proposal and the stage of the purchasing process. We wanted to create a graphic that would wrap the cross-connection between the two, while also presenting the tools that can be used in each stage of the funnel.

Brand awareness and site visitors – The traditional marketer will consider the tip of the marketing funnel the stage when someone first interacts with your brand. This can occur in many ways, including traditional TV advertising to search and display advertising, but for most B2B companies that appear when people land on your website. At this stage, marketers are associated with the task of identifying marketing channels and the platform that will allow them to bring more qualified perspectives. The sales team does not have as much responsibility at this stage of the process, apart from communicating about the objections they traditionally get from the converted management.

Interest and conversion – Right now, the web visitor has the maximum interest and now the task of a conversion optimizer or brand owner is to convert them. We can’t just start by selling them, but we can educate them on the product / solution, while giving them more reasons to want to interact with the company. The buyer is interested in continuing to engage with your brand, but they have not put so much effort into further investigation.

Consideration and opportunities – At this stage, the web visitor is now seriously considering your product / solution and wants to learn more by getting involved in the company. For sales teams at this stage as well, these individuals have become leaders for the company. Onus is now moving from the marketing team to the sales team to further develop its perspective and engage with them.

Intention and nutrition – We are now moving from a marketing role to more of a sales role. We seek to educate the prospect and warm them to the idea of ​​buying from us. More responsibility is assigned to the sales team to turn that prospect into a potential customer. But to be effective, sales teams need to implement some form of lead scoring to determine who is really serious and who is not. In addition, sales teams need to continue to communicate to educate the prospect. They can use multiple channels to accomplish this from social media to email marketing.

Evaluation and proposal – Buyers in the B2B world will evaluate your prices and offer based on a proposal sent. These proposals are presented and compared with the proposals of other organizations. In the buyer’s mind, they are still evaluating their options, but the sales team has to go through its own discovery phase to realize what is important to the buyer so that it is addressed in both the proposal and the step. .

Decision & Pitch – While marketing plays a limited role at this stage, the buyer is trying to make an informed decision. You may have contacted other companies and therefore put your company on the shortlist to launch. For this reason, presentation software that shows and impresses your audience is essential to the success of any marketing and sales campaign. The sales teams at this stage use the chosen tool to come and present their product / service to the buyer.

Buy / Buy – At this stage, there is a confluence between sales and marketing channels. All the hard work done by both the sales and marketing teams takes place at this stage. A sales team cannot close multiple offers without more opportunities. And a marketing team cannot be successful without a sales team « turning » those customers and prospects into customers. The hope is that both sales and markets have done their part in improving conversions at every stage of the funnel, using traditional marketing and sales skills, while implementing tools to enable them to be effective.

Sales and marketing have always played an important role in collaborating to bring more trained customers to organizations. The two should not and should not operate in a vacuum. It’s like a relay race in which the marketing team will pay the sales team’s wand. There are many tools on the market to help teams work together, be more efficient and produce more buyers. As marketing and sales continue to evolve, we will continue to see the two departments merge into one.

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