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1. What is a conversion funnel?

A funnel is a term used at the base by English-speaking marketers, le terme en français is a sales tunnel or a conversion contact.

It’s a way of present to a new prospect information related to the product or service in question. In general, this information includes a welcome message, tips, tricks and details on the way ofacheter.

Improving conversion is a basic concept that specializes in marketing used for several years. This is the process of giving the prospect information for l’encourager to switch from « No » to « Yes ». This is a call to action.

The main one used in marketing by entonnoir is clikfunnel, which has completed to present a sales page, a set of several emails received upstream. The purpose of the funnel is to qualify and prepare the prospect bought when prescribed by the sales page.


A simple analogy would be to visit your local cafenea, but instead of going to the store, you visit the online site up front to teach you about the cafe that sells coffee.

When you arrive at your site, you agree to a simple goods message that contains information about the coffee base. You are also greeted by pop-ups or online advertisements that lead you to the store

You then decide if you want to buy coffee, and once you are done, a small box is handed to you with the order. Once you have purchased your coffee shop, you are asked to enter your mobile phone number or credit card information, for which your coffee can be delivered directly to your home.

What flow behaves in terms of the cafeteria scenario, with the difference that it is almost in a funnel or « a place of conversion ». Please present the information that the customer reloads, always has an application in action to elicit a decision and / or action.

Maintenance, we present you another way, it is difficult to convey all the elements of the sales page, it is recently that we use an example plus a simple version easier and easier to understand.


A new product is present to a brand new customer. You offer the customer the choice to buy. Depending on the type of sales environment, he can buy immediately or choose to wait a day, a week or a month to make a decision. If he decides to buy, you go through the process to pass him off as a regular customer who often places an order. If they decide not to buy, it retrieves other types of messages that will motivate them to take action.

The idea here is that, whatever the type of flow, you have to worry when the customer chooses a simple choice, which he chose and adopt the function of his choice.

Accordingly, a good sales tunnel must always maintain commitments to do otherwise. For example, if they visit your site and then buy nothing, they can leave the site and return and continue to visit it, or if they return to the site and then decide to continue, then they can return to the site. and keep going back.

In addition, a good sales tunnel or a funnel must have a lucky license or a button that leads the customer to another site, either for an e-mail administration formula. If the visitor gives you his contact details, answers your question and then decides to return, you will see in time whether he will decide to buy or not.

You may be able to email them with content worth an article, audio file, audiobook, or podcast. This will bring it back to the site later to buy.


2. What is a funnel marketing in detail?

So what exactly is a sales tunnel funnel marketing?

Online marketers are not required to be able to buy all the time from platinum traffic with high priced advertisements. So the goal is to convert maximum visitors into prospects through formulas for capturing emails.

Due to the need for a control for the sales funnel or tunnel / conversion communication that allows the maximum transformation of unknown visitors into customer regulations.

What makes a good efficient funnel? Let’s look at some common elements of the concept of a funnel or funnel that contributes to the creation of a successful product funnel, and comments are related to the conversion of a product funnel.

– A strong and well-defined goal is an essential ingredient of a good funnel or marketing funnel. The different products from ambonir must be differentiated with a clear message, depending on different targets or person.

– The organization of the sales tunnel or funnel is also important. Rather than creating a complete funnel of all the products that exist for the planet, nu are considered those that have immediate relevance to the current opportunity. If you do not understand the step of your problems, do you review and what about those who have already tried their products?


– A dynamic form of product presentation (that is, unique links) is essential for attracting visions and interaction. You will not be happy that your customers are looking for a comment to advance the purchase process. If you do not save your present opinions to correct your product, to ensure that your traffic is not possible to make sure that it is the best that helps you to help your potential customers.

– Even if a prospect is looking for the perfect product or service for which they want to make a purchase, please find a way to make a funnel available.

– When in doubt, take the time to create a formalized test phase. Give yourself perspectives all the time, you intend to take a definite action, confess the absolute. This will help you clarify which actions lead to which results, which serve in the face of the basis of future experiments.

– The most important aspect of funnel marketing is the clarifier that is public to you. In addition to reviewing who your current prospects are, try to consider a general and broad demographics in relation to the types of products you offer. This will help you determine the form of promotion or contact strategy that is most likely to suit you.

– And you count yourself, which allows you to make a funnel, ensures the creation of accounts that are distinct in the case where you have several businesses. Treat them as two completely different entities and create websites to meet the needs to turn you into a funnel.

The marketing of the voting funnel can be as simple as a series of links that have been placed stratifying to create an optimal traffic flow.


In fact, the name of the companies offers offers of marketing services proposed for advanced methods and customized for newcomers. After all, the goal of a marketing funnel is the best level of conversion for your prospects. Therefore, it is essential that you use only a truly effective method that works effectively with the types of conversion rate you have at sprit.

Online marketers who really want to achieve an increased conversion rate often opt for email automation tools (staff use ActiveCampaign) that offer the best marketing opportunities in the funnel.

This form of online advertising is a relatively inexpensive form of advertising that produces an increased response rate to outstanding and results. For more information, contact J. Neil Cutler or Jason Chapman.


3. Does one-channel sales have this consistency?

In the game of online affiliate marketing, the goal is to create a funnel or sales contact that is user-friendly for your visitors and allows them to participate in your affiliate program without spam with sales messages.

There are many methods for what to do, but I will talk about a simple but powerful method that has given an excellent result. It’s called the ClickFunnel system and it’s an example of a funnel or sales record that you can use for free to create a sales contract. I recommend you live from your user to stimulate sales results.

L’entonnoir de vente est l’entonnoir who visited your website by means of an option box, a general filling of a form that requires certain information for a relationship with you. You can use a combination of perspective sketch pages to reload the necessary information, you can choose to focus on one page.

The most commonly used sales funnel is the product content. This is a product presentation page that offers products related to the interests of visitors. Once visitors have submitted their information on the site, the funnel offers products that are compatible with their needs.


Another example of a funnel or understanding of conversion is the knowledge environment. It is a place at the end of sales maintenance when the visits have bought and you have left your site.

The super sales ambiance example works by making some ales similar to the product funnel example, except that instead of creating a tracking product, you offer added value to customers who have purchased your original product.

One kind of process is to create content designed to benefit visitors and provide them with advice and tools on your website and product referrals.

There are other facets to using the sales tunnel example in your campaigns. You can try a pdf or a landing page to make a speech about selling the product or service it offers you. Using the sales lead example in your fields via email is also a great way to drive traffic to your site.


We found that they are the best specialists in the field of marketing business who use a combination of different sales methods. They used their own examples of venton and appellant in other methods to stimulate their affiliate business. What I mean by that is to use a funnel example as part of their email marketing campaign.

It is also found that email marketing campaigns combine with other types of marketing, while credit exchange programs or PPC campaigns, August traffic volume is considerable.

If you decorate your funnel section in your fields by e-mail, we recommend the information about your renewal page. For those who were not allowed to comment on their own homepage, you can get a sales tunnel template for all loans and the user to create a custom funnel.

If you have never done this before, you can also use a tool name that allows you to authorize the authorization of the sales sample. The name of these programs gives you a script to run and allows you to do the function in emails without any problems.

J’espère que vous envisagerez to use a sales tunnel for the stimulator, which will make sales results. I also hope that you will consider incorporating this example sales funnel into your email marketing campaign.

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