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Here is the download sales dashboard and funnel graphic in excel format. Companies adopt different types of strategies to look for new potential customers to help them grow their business. However, it is not useful if customers are found, but no sales can be made. You need a sales manager to manage and track sales goals or activities.

Therefore, a process of highlighting new customers and outlining plans for a sales process is funnel for sale. A chart can be created in a manner prescribed by Microsoft Excel template.

  1. Best sales tracker (retailer & Stock stock)
  2. Basic calendar charts are added
  3. Stylish graphics for PPT slides

Losing a customer has a major impact on the business if a business is dealing with wholesale products. Losing means losing referral customers as well. Selling products to customers means making a profit for the business to run it efficiently.

Note: We only mention the details about the sales schedule in the Images form, you can request a specific design and we will send you an email.

The format of the Excel chart template of the sales channel

It is important to earn the amount in the form of profit to meet business expenses, which is possible only by attracting new customers, as well as ensuring existing customers stay with the business.

To keep the company stable to ensure continuous business operations, customers are a structural part of the process. To make an efficient and useful diagram of the excel sales funnel, you must include:

The duration must be decided for which a table is formed.

  1. It forms into a the shape of the pyramid.
  2. Once formed, the pyramid must be turned upside down.
  3. The sales funnel chart created for a given month shows the month and year at the top of the sheet.
  4. A graph starting at the very bottom shows « result« , » Commitment « and » negotiation « . Presents money obtained from sales at each stage.
  5. « Development », « analyze« And the initial communication is the top of the pyramid.
  6. The top bars in the pyramid show the net amount of sales made in a given period.
  7. To create an applicable pyramid and a sales process, certain points need to be focused.

Sales Funnel-template-Excel

Recognition period


It can also be called the advertising phase. The product can be sold to customers only after they are aware of the existence of your product and company on the market.

The marketing department outlines cost-effective marketing plans and advertising plans to announce the existence of the product to the customer. It is especially necessary when a new product is launched by a company.

Introduction The stage of selling the channel chart

Once customers become aware of your product in the market, it is important to draw their attention to your product. It is because of the features and specifications offered in your product, rather than others, that draw the customer to your product.

The evaluation and decision-making stage

The options for each type of product are available in the market, therefore, making a decision is confusing for the customer. However, a time when the customer makes an estimate between products is an evaluation step that leads a customer to make a final decision.


Once the decision is made, the last step is to purchase a product. This is the stage in which the company becomes assured that the customer is actually attracted to the product launched by them.

Once the purchase is made, customers monitor the performance of the sales channel template, whether it works as desired or is displayed in accordance with standard performance. If a customer is satisfied, he will redeem the product.

For a marketing team, sales executive, financial planner and the whole team, analyzing sales trends is the most concerned chapter of work. There are specially designed Excel analysis templates created for this purpose, which you can use and manipulate your statistics to develop the deliverable strategy.

Moreover, this analysis directly supports strategy building, product design and development, and improvising the overall work layout due to the need or changes that occur in your regular target market. See more sales invoice templates for help planning your project.

Analytical approaches in today’s market

While analyzing the activity of sales actions, fine structuring is so useful and efficient that you can avoid much of your analytical and comparison work by a simple notation mentioned in them. This analysis reveals complicated facts and figures about market trends,

customer choice, compatibility and price of products, as well as competitors. These Excel sales channel templates are the key to your overall sales strategy. This whole set of steps and activities collectively forms this extensive analytical approach that helps you learn new and more appropriate moves based on emerging market scenarios.

Analysis of sales trends in the channel model

There is no chance to increase your sales and excel your product share in the market unless you know and understand correctly the basis of market operation. You always need to be aware of the nature and workmanship of your competitors, the possible threats and dangers in the product line. You also need to take into account the economic challenges of a local region.

Sale Trend Analysis

Sales trend analysis, if accurately designed and executed, is very useful and productive to outline a complete sales plan with improved steps. This analysis allows you to observe sales areas with low potential, why they are potentially low, other trendy waterfalls in the market, in addition to consolidation opportunities. Here are some of the significant reasons for his affectivity;

  1. Shorten and align effective training areas
  2. It helps you discover competitive strategies and pricing features
  3. Reveals market variation for a reason, such as customer interest
  4. Helps intimate marketing and financial teams to plan accordingly
  5. Excludes careless size setting chances
  6. A timely report of new ways and excellent opportunities through verified channel
  7. These are some of the primary reasons and characteristics of this brilliant analysis tool.

Sales forecast using the pipeline method

Instead of delving into deep details, there is another easy and handy way to handle this complicated task. You can do all this work by creating your own tool, which you can design and create according to your requirements. These templates have a variety of features for both your data records and statistical manipulation.

You can set Excel formulas and functions to make your work automated and simplified. In supply chain inventory management, the same tools are used to help projects. There is no need to plot each function alone. This way you can save time and stay more accurate with the results and results obtained.

Create sales channel reporting invoice

In today’s business culture, sales invoices they are always issued over the items of sale and services purchased. This whole process is an integrated part of billing and usage Excel invoice templates it always helps you quickly generate the invoice for relevant products or items that you sell. This invoice is issued to the customer and is official proof of payment against the sale.

Usually in the big retail stores and in the shopping points where the large number of customers have to visit every day, you really need a tool for fast and urgent billing

Using the smart Excel sales channel template for billing and cost addition, you can align the full range of products available in a single spreadsheet, and by selecting relevant items, these templates automatically generate the total invoice, making it easier for you to calculate the total. It saves you time, avoids your potential to write invoices manually and generates a captivist perspective.


Each business retains its own format to indicate details on the invoice, but to create a standard and custom template, you need to keep a number of important factors, which are generally present in all sales invoices. Below is a list of these generic items;

  1. It contains the company name as a header
  2. Then it contains the items that are sold and the respective costs
  3. Followed by the individual cost, the total invoice is mentioned
  4. All default end-seller policies are also mentioned
  5. Finally, the signature of the seller and the buyer for the authentication of the invoice

Once you have created a sketch according to your requirements, you can save a lot of time and finish this task quickly.



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