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No one can build significant wealth without leverage.

You will not get rich by trading time for money and it is impossible to do everything yourself.

Making money online requires you to work smarter, rather than harder, applying the following leverage principles:

Money leasing: Others’ money, so don’t limit yourself just by investing your savings.

Affiliate companies have made huge investments of money to implement their infrastructure, buy inventory and hire employees. You will learn how leverage allows you to exponentially increase your return on investment using cheap tools, marketing offers and affiliate offers.

Period of time: The time of others, so that you are not limited to 24 hours a day.

Efficient use of your time is very important, because time cannot be renewed – once a day it does not recover. You will learn how to use your time to earn more money.

Automation and technology: The automated tools and technology of others so you can do much more with much less effort.

As a Business Builder, you will find cheap tools that we have evaluated that will be the same as the products sold for thousands of dollars.

Sales and marketing leasing: Sales channels, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and other people’s databases so you can communicate with millions of people.

Affiliates can spend a fortune on Google Adwords, videos, Facebook ads, and more without receiving significant traffic to the sales funnel. You’ll learn how to deliver low-cost, free traffic and how to use your advertising money effectively.

Network leasing: Other people’s connections so you can reach beyond the customer list.

Did you know that you can use the customer lists of other marketers in your niche? How about you can make commissions from other people’s sales? You will learn about these and more in Business Builder membership.

Lever of knowledge: The talents, expertise and experience of others, so you can use more excellent knowledge than you will ever have.

You will have the opportunity to join a team that uses the different skills of each member. Creating common partnerships is the most successful affiliate marketing practice.

The lever allows you to get more than you can ever achieve on your own. It will allow you to build wealth without being restricted by the limitations listed above.

Leverage is the practice that separates those who achieve financial success from those who do not.

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