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What you should do in the decision-making phase

Your goal in the decision-making phase is to address and eliminate any issues or barriers to your acquisition. This is when you need to convince prospects of the value of the business you offer.

Assist shoppers through the funnel by helping them overcome their organizational hurdles. For example, you can help them budget expenditures, develop an implementation timeline, or make a compelling case for procurement to internal stakeholders.

Getting the customer’s entire purchasing committee to reach an agreement can be a lengthy process, so it’s a good idea to involve every person who has a say in the initial decision-making process.

This is also why it is important to research purchaser of persons for each role of the committee and understand the nuances of their pain points and priorities. For example, managers may care more about the technical aspects of your product, while managers and VPs often prioritize the impact on its use.

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