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I am very excited to tell this story! It’s about a woman (my client) and how my digital marketing expertise helped her grow and operate her business.

A little backstory….

Caitlin started her business in internet correction in many others just as I learn in my « Digital Gangsta » program. It started with a blog.

He blogged regularly and began to grow his list of followers. And eventually he created a course called Correction of corrections: Theory and practice ™ . He fixed his channel with a funnel, then filled his funnel with traffic through social networks and blogs and guest posts and JV partners.

If you are in The Digital Gangsta with me, you will see how my program fits not only the way I built my business, but others! The basic premise of my program is this: You can (yes) build a million dollar business when you build, operate and grow while remaining CLOSED for your audience. My workshop (it’s FREE) will explain more!

When he came to me, he had already made a lot of money. We’re talking $ 40-80 million and we’re even hitting $ 100 for a month or two, but nothing consistent. That’s why he had no problem paying me over $ 50,000 to optimize his funnel (more on that in a bit). She said: « I want a consistent $ 100 months. That’s why I’m hiring you. « 

That was my mission.

Her 4th quarter 2016 statistics typically showed $ 40 million and about 8 months had passed since the $ 100 magic month. In other words, the trend was declining and he knew he had to finally stop wiping the pipe a funnel and look bright again!

Learn this lesson! There is a place and a time for pipe threaded funnels! In fact, in TDG, you will learn how to go out and earn money as soon as you can, because that way you will know if you are on something. But the other side of the coin is this: There is a time for the amazing work of QUALITY, and as you will see with its income reports, the new funnels I made fared better than I expected!

So we set out to work. Here is an overview of what I did …

First, I met with her for a few hours to understand her schedule and the existing funnels. I paid for it, and rightly so – because it was a lot of strategy, planning and research. I don’t take projects that I didn’t examine the first time.

Next, we made available a proposal to restructure prices and offer a bit, as well as to build funnels and broadcast ads.

Essentially, I suggested that her $ 1174 course be done in 4 required levels, with students progressing through each level. She already had a modified version of this, but it was a bit confusing with the choices. So I suggested simplification.

I set out to redesign and build an uncomplicated funnel that started with:

  • Her 7-day correction course (FREE)
  • Upsell at a work at home guide (USD 7.00)
  • Climb back to level 1 of its course ($ 47 – normally $ 77)
  • Create sequences to help graduates at levels 2, 3, and 4 by adding a coupon and / or a time rate to get them to buy

I did a few extra things …

  1. We made THREE versions of the funnel, which targets mothers, retirees and millennials.
  2. We optimized the best and busiest blog posts with content updates that led to her funnel.
  3. I made Pinterest pins that lead DIRECTLY to the landing page of his free offer.
  4. We customized the landing page that comes from BACKLINKS with partner sites to speak DIRECTLY to their readers.

The results were amazing.

I activated the ad funnel and changed all the blog posts and opt-ins and pins to the new landing pages, and in the first month, she made $ 95k. The previous month, around $ 45 million, was essentially DOUBLING her income.

The month after that, too.

One of the huge reasons he did so well? In addition to a great copy and design, she established credibility in the market and had a social and SEO game, on which she was focused. Seeing the results of this first funnel, he then reached out and had me build a second funnel for a new variant along it. While its big TPTP course was a modified SLO funnel, this new one will be a webinar funnel. He saw the luck I had with mine and wanted to create a smaller, less intense program called General correction: theory and practice ™ this would be between 397 and 597 USD.

This funnel makes me even happier because, while I was a leader in design and technology, I only trained on copy! * Hint indicates, you can learn how to do this from experts when you apply. * I helped the team learn how to write a copy and I trained and consulted on the webinar itself. It was an automatic webinar with a registration page, reverse counting page, viewing page and a FLASH sale for 60 minutes after the webinar, where he shaved $ 100. I ran 8 weeks funnel webcam that can help you do that too.

This funnel broke $ 200 in 8 weeks!

The rest of YTD’s 2017 profit and loss statements show $ 100 million + months … with some hitting over $ 200?!?! Here are the statements of YTD Profit and Loss… the first funnel I built was live on December 17th.

  • January: $ 92,057
  • Feb: $ 95,445
  • Mar: $ 111,637
  • Apr: $ 207,661
  • May: $ 203,819
  • June: $ 162,970
  • July: $ 104,000 with 9 days of walking (she makes $ 4-5 million a day)

With these funnels (and her other affiliate income), she made more in six months than she did in all of 2016 – and it was a lot of money. Here is a picture of its gross January-July income.

I bet you shudder to see a little design, okay? You can see all the channels in action on … but what you won’t see (without buying) is everything backend. More behind the scenes is in my digital Gangsta program, where I teach more strategies and tactics or aspiring Digital Marketers on how to build funnels like this for your customers.

Speaking of Digital Marketers, I mentioned above that Caitlin paid me over $ 50,000 from December to May.. And she did. I worked on channels, copying, commercials and a few other things.

Some lessons for Digital Marketers building a sales funnel proposal …

I did two hours (paid consultation) before even building the proposal. That way, I knew it was a good fit. Caitlin was ready to do what I suggested and was a truly ideal client.

Second, look for customers who already know what it means to shake. Who knows how to do the job and put in the time. These will be much easier to deal with than customers who have completely unrealistic expectations of what a Digital Marketer can do.

Third, understand HOW to create a proposal, how to find customers, and how to price. Digital marketing is one of the most profitable opportunities available today!

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