Marketing funnel vs. sales funnel – that’s the difference – Bitcoin Prix

As mentioned, funnels refer to the journey that visitors take from finding out about your product or service to deciding to buy or subscribe to it. In other words – it’s just a set of steps that lead visitors from the discovery of your solution to the decision to do something with it. « 

Usually, marketing channels consist of three elements:

  • awareness building.
  • maintaining interest.
  • evaluation by customers.

First of all, new potential customers need to realize that the solution you offer exists. They can do this by reading your blog posts, watching your videos, running on Facebook Ads or Google Ads, seeing you at an event, or entering a landing page you created with a page builder. of destination.

Once you know about your product or service and seem very much into it, you should keep that interest, build trust and involve them more. At this level to the actions mentioned above, you can regularly add a few free e-books or a valid newsletter delivered to subscribers.

If you have prepared well for the previous two stages, you can be sure that in the evaluation phase you will be chosen in front of the competition. And this is also the phase in which a marketing funnel easily turns into a sales funnel.

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