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Getting consumers to the fourth and final stage is the ultimate goal. At this stage, the consumer carries out the action you intend – making a purchase, signing up for your service, etc.

Making it as easy as possible for the consumer to take this action is essential. For example, make your purchase and enrollment forms as simple and straightforward as possible.

To clarify things, here is an example of a workplace sales funnel:

One day you walk down the street and see an eye-catching ad for a new pair of waterproof sneakers. This puts your sneakers on your radar – you are in the first stage of the sales funnel – awareness.

You connect to Instagram and see a post about the same pair of sneakers. The post tells you that the shoes are made locally and show them to people who walk in the rain happily, without having to worry about wet feet.

A link at the bottom suggests you click to learn more about footwear. This ad is intended to target consumers in the second stage of the sales funnel. You have already seen and heard about these shoes and you are interested in learning more about them – you are in the phase of interest.

The next day, while browsing the internet, you see the sneakers again – you are offered a 20% discount if you make a purchase now. You are in the third stage of the sales funnel and you decide whether or not to make a purchase. This coupon is intended to target consumers at this stage and is intended to guide them to action.

Decide that you’re tired of walking in the rain with wet feet – you’re ready to dive. Go to the company’s website and buy your first pair of waterproof shoes. You have taken action and you have officially reached the fourth stage of the funnel – the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign.

Although it may not be obvious all the time, a sales funnel is used to sell every product and service available. Every marketer and seller every day uses this funnel to target consumers and make sales.

If used correctly, a sales funnel can be a very successful tool and can significantly boost sales.

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