What is a sales tunnel? – Bitcoin Prix

The second function of the sales tunnel, is like its name of the sale of sale. So after the capture page comes a sales page. Why sell yourself in a sales tunnel and along a website, as is usually the case?

As I explained above, people no longer want to waste their time searching. Or on the website you have to open 10 tabs, before you get to the product you are looking for. Who else has once arrived on the product page, then presents himself to a lot of different products, when he reads the related descriptive books to make his choice.

Néanmoins, giving a multitude of choices to a customer is synonymous with losing it forever. Faced with the choice, we tend to give up, our minds are confused we don’t know which product to choose so we leave.

However, thanks to the sales page of a tunnel, we eliminate all these doubts thanks to the unique offer. Indeed in a tunnel, The UNE page is a UN product, plus a place with ambiguities. It is enough to expose your offer, clearly and to explain the benefits for your client.

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