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Wholesale tunnel cake mixes at value prices

One of the many popular staples of American concession stands is the funnel cake. This exciting, pancake-like treatment can be eaten either plain or with jam, cinnamon or other toppings. It is an American desert, whose pure versatility makes it the perfect addition to any community market or small-scale festival. This is why beach town wholesalers are more than happy to stock up on the supplies needed to make fantastic cakes.

A complete range of wholesale cake supplies

Our mission is to provide your operations with equipment and materials of the highest quality and which includes the wholesale funnel cake mix. Our funnel cake mixes come in five- and twenty-five-pound bags, making sure you always have the right amount for your event. We even offer « funnel factory » frozen cakes for quick reheating and serving. Are you concerned that your cakes are too simple, even with toppings? Give this traditional treatment a new and captivating spin with our red velvet additive. Do you miss the funnel and other supplies that give this desert its name? With our pouring pots and the complete set of tools for the funnel cake, you will have all the necessary accessories to bake the perfect cake. With these mixes and consumables on hand, your funnel cakes are sure to speak to the next beach party.

Start baking, place an order today

Tunnel cakes are an essential part of the American concession, from sporting events to beach resorts. Our company is dedicated to providing top wholesale cake products and wholesale funnel cake mixes for the concession stand in Southern California counties. All you have to do is place an order through our catalog to get started. If you have additional questions, you can contact us by phone at 562-355-4074 or email at [email protected].

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